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I just want to warn everyone who are planning to buy cheap shoes with them. I found them on Instagram and from Marikina. They are actually cheap made and bad quality. They only look nice on photos. Maybe some are lucky to get a wearable shoes & sandals but Im sure there will be more customers who are pissed with them.

I ordered around 7-9 shoes/ sandals but I can only use 2 which are bad quality as well. The others are just impossible to wear them. Either they are too big, strap is too small and uneven, the color or design of the pair of shoes are totally different.

Aside from bad quality of the cheap Kara Zapatos shoes, their customer services was so bad, and impolite and so slow like their boss Kara de Asis. Their full of promises or ***.

If you want to take a risk then go buy. Their actually cute but only from the photos. But if you are buying from your well saved money, I suggest you go to the mall and buy there where you can see the actual shoes/ sandals. Otherwise, you will be so disappointed.

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I was going to get these, but found your review...and the picture! OMG! No way am I ordering them now!


Bitter ka lang te! Okay naman eh.

Sguro may galit ka lang sa may ari kaya ganyan ka ka bitter. Hays crab mentality nga naman


wow, good thing I read the comments. I was planning to visit their store and check for wedding shoes. thank you everyone!


I'm just wondering why you ordered such ugly shoes. Xx


I'm looking for a shoe supplier for my online shop. Then, nakita ko 'yong Kara.

The photography is really good, the designs as well. so I contacted the number given para sa reselling. Syempre kailangan tanungin ko mga guidelines. Nagreply naman sila pero hindi ako satisfied sa sagot.

Hindi malinaw. Nagtanong pa ko ulit pero hindi na nagreply.

Magaling lang sa marketing. :(

to Anonymous #1064993

Ganyan din nangyari sakin kasi kung mgreresell tayo or wholesale makakalaban pa natin sila. Ilang beses na ako ngmessage dyan sa mga numbers na nakalagay sa instagram nila walang reply.

Hanap na lang tayo ng iba sana hindi na naglagay na tumatanggap ng reseller kung hindi naman pala sasagot. Paasa sa mga maliliit na sellers like us.

Orange, California, United States #934749

You really are slow, you cannot find matching pairs, get a six year old to help you, it is obvious the shoes you are wearing are from two different sets, I am sure if you had a six year old they would help you find the matching pair in the 9 pairs you bought.

Orange, California, United States #934747

I think it is you who is "slow" The reason the shoes don't fit is because you are slow and don't know your shoe size. Have mommy do the ordering for you next time.

to KevinRichards #1470101

You're just an {{Redacted}}.They SENT them to her this way. You're the retard here.

Quiapo, Quezon, Philippines #907144

Thanks to all of you! :) Almost got lured by their promo..


kakasad naman, like ko sana buy pero i want naman ung satisfied ako sa quality kasi hard earned money ung ipambibili ko. sa mga hnd marunong tumingin ng high quality shoes pasado talaga sila pero i have seen their stuffs sa bazaars nila and hnd talga ako bumili.

disappointed with the quality i dont know how they made it, maganda sa photos (of course may photoshop) pero sana maayos din quality they are in the business for so long as i have checked on them online. thank you for your help guys at least i know na mghanap na lang ng ibang mabibilihan.


I am experiencing bad customer service from them. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from them.

last week i paid for my order.. Then i am updating kung napa ship na nila ang pairs ko.. they were not answering my messages on viber.. Early today i receive message na lalong kinainis ko..

they said that napa ship na daw ang pairs ko pero wala pang international tracking number, hinihintay pa daw nila ang update from the courier... which i know nagsisinungaling siya... dahil nung nasa pinas pa ako, i also do shipment of shoes to other countries.. within 3 days tanggap agad ng ka transaction ko..

and when the item is on shipment bibigyan agad ng tracking number yan!!! i dont know saang courier company sila nagpapadala..

I think hindi pa nila naipapaship ang pairs ko..

tama ba na i cancel ko ang shipment and ipapick up ko nalang sa kakilala ko.. babawiin ko nalang yung 2000+ na hiningi nila for shipment fee...

to Aime #1469282

Same situation po tayo. Poor customer service.

Kayo pa dapat mag follow up ng order nyo. Hndi sila marunong magreply sa account nila. Kinukuha ko ang tracking no.kso sabi hintayin ang text ng courier.

Ibig sabihin hndi pa nila na ship. Very bad service!


it's a good thing i search about karaxapatos.. i'm planning to be their retailer pa naman..



i didn't know they ship their shoes in plain boxes. from what i've seen kasi they're in pink ones, eh.


Huhuhu I am experiencing it now

to Kawawangbuyer #836765

Bad quality tlga sya sis? :o

to Kawawangbuyer #963213

Same here!! Nakaka bad trip!

I paid agad pagkatapos kong mag fillup and maka receive ng invoicekasi sabi nila "STICLY: 1 day reservation for onhand items".. sabi onhand ung shoes pero ang tagal bago nila ipadala. I dont know if napadala na nila binigyan nla ako ng tracking number pero walang tumalabas.. Hayyy nako hindi na talaga ako bibili sa kanila!!

Ayaw man lang mag rply sa viber pero pag umorder ang dali maka bigay ng invoice!!! Karazapatos

to Gracey Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines #1202500

Kakaorder ko lang din sa kanila tas last week ng Friday, nakapagbayad na ako. Minemessage ko sila re sa shipment ng shoes, wala din reply. Grabe.

to Anonymous Las Pi, Las Pinas, Philippines #1302433

Ordered from Kara Zapatos Exclusive (I don't know if it's the main branch) last Jan. 16 for my friend's wedding March 11.

This girl named Che is prompt with her replies and assured me that it will arrive on time.

I explicitly told her that I'll be needing the pair before March 11. It's now March 14 and needless to say, I still haven't received my order.

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